Best Gaming Chairs For Consoles

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Top 5 Best Gaming Chairs For Consoles

Video gaming is a huge part of our modern culture, compared to what it was decades ago. Whereas gaming was seen more as a pastime, these days it is a lifestyle. It is something that can now also be a profession, in addition to it being a very social activity. The gaming industry has grown beyond machines and the games that run on them. It includes peripherals, accessories, and even furniture. They’re designed to not only function specifically for gaming and with gamers in mind, but also comfort, and of course, aesthetics. Avid gamers will have a setup that will include their console, a large HD TV, amazing sound systems or headsets for online communication. But serious gamers will often have what most people would neglect or take for granted: comfortable chairs. Put more specifically, hardcore gamers should look for the best gaming chairs for consoles.

Why a gaming chair you might wonder? Serious gaming will require you, the gamer, to sit and play for hours on end. Players sitting in an uncomfortable chair that can cause even just mild discomfort will find it annoying for a few minutes. And it will definitely get on their nerves when experienced for hours at a time. So it is definitely important to have an actual gaming chair when console gaming.

But what exactly makes a gaming chair different from any regular chair or couch? Isn’t a couch already comfortable already? Not to mention it probably already exists in the living room where your console is? Why spend money to get another chair just for gamers?

Gaming Chair VS Regular Chair

Before we go into our recommendations for the best gaming chairs for consoles, here’s a list of what makes a gaming chair different from a regular one.

Extra features The biggest difference between a gaming chair and a regular couch or sofa is the presence of extra features. From aesthetics and looks, like having colored trim that matches your console, headset, and controller (or simply one that reflects your personality). To more features like having built-in surround sound speakers and a subwoofer. Some of the more high-end gaming chairs even include vibration motors. This is so that when you play, you feel truly immersed in the action of what you see on-screen. You get to feel, hear and see the game on a whole other level. Some even come with extra ports and input-output systems for your other devices, like your mobile phone, so you won’t have to charge your device anywhere else.

Ergonomics and posture – A gamer will take many different seating positions over the course of a very long gaming session. You will slouch, or lean back, or lift your feet up, or whatever it takes to be in the most optimal position to succeed in the game. A regular couch won’t adjust to this, but many gaming chairs do. Not only that, the best gaming chairs for consoles are actually shaped specifically to accommodate these seating positions in order to provide the most support for you. This is coupled with properly shaped armrests as well as head and neck support that most ordinary chairs or couches don’t have.

ComfortArguably, the most important aspect of a gaming chair, because the comfort level adds to the enjoyment of the gamer during gaming sessions. When it comes to optimal comfort, the best gaming chairs for consoles should have the following: proper padding that can support you and your different seating positions using materials that are not uncomfortable for the skin. These all contribute to the comfort level that the console gaming chair can provide.

Aesthetics and style – A gaming chair is a status symbol, kind of like a throne in a king or queen’s throne room. Upon entering the house or the apartment, the gaming chair stands out and tells everyone, “a gamer lives here.” It is a good testament to your dedication to gaming and also a reflection of their style. The best gaming chairs for consoles come in many different designs, colors, shapes, and sizes that fit the personality and taste of the owner. Not to mention, since video game streaming is now a very valid profession, having a gaming chair that not only functions great but also looks awesome is a must-have for any aspiring streamer.

Different Kinds Of Gaming Chairs

When compared to a regular chair or couch, a gaming chair really is suited for that intended purpose: gaming. But there isn’t just one kind of gaming chair. In fact, not only are there multiple brands and manufacturers of gaming chairs, but there are also different kinds of gaming chairs. So before you buy the best gaming chairs for consoles for yourself, it’s good to know what kind of gaming chairs are out there for you to choose from.

Rocker and Pedestal Video Gaming Chairs – This kind of video gaming chair sits straight and direct to the floor, and are called rockers or pedestal chairs because there are no legs for the chair, and have no wheels either on the L-shape construction. They allow you to lean back comfortably as you play and enjoy the game. It is the choice for gamers who want to swivel around and/or sit higher up from the floor.

Racing Video Gaming ChairsThis gaming chair is specifically designed for racing games, driving simulators, and other similar games. There are a few kinds. One is a racing chair that has a frame for your own steering wheel, pedals, and other controls. Another is a racing chair that comes already equipped with everything you’ll need for racing: steering wheel, shift knobs, pedals, and so on.

Reclining Video Gaming Chairs – This kind of gaming chair is very similar to a common reclining armchair, at least at first glance. But of course, that is not the case. Reclining video gaming chairs offer just as many features, on top of amazing comfort levels due to the design and structure of the recliner. They are rapidly becoming a good choice for gamers, especially those who wish to have maximum comfort during gaming sessions.

Bean Bag Gaming Chairs – Perhaps the ultimate casual gaming chair, bean bag gaming chairs are just like the regular bean bag chairs, which are affordable, comfortable, and very fun to have.

These are the general categories of gaming chairs. But before we get to our recommendations for gaming chairs for consoles, there is one last list of things you’ll have to consider before getting a gaming chair.

Buying A Gaming Chair: Things To Consider

Your gaming spaceA gaming chair will take up space, even if it is foldable and movable. Measure the space where you want to put your gaming chair, and make sure that you have enough not just for the chair to be placed, but also for you to be able to move around it, as well as enough distance from other furniture and appliances. The last thing you’ll want to do is fall in love with a gaming chair, spend money on it, bring it home, only to find out it won’t even fit the gaming area.

Your measurements – We’re all not built the same way. Some are taller with longer limbs, others are shorter and more petite, and so on. A gaming chair might look good or have a good price, but if you don’t fit properly on it, perhaps it is better to find another option. Though most gaming chairs won’t have this problem, being a bit adjustable and whatnot, it is still best to test out a gaming chair by sitting on them before getting one.

Your personal style – A gaming chair might have great features and have a decent price, but if you’re not feeling it, then it’s probably not something you’ll be happy with. The good thing about gaming chairs for console is that there are numerous designs and colors for you to choose from to really fit your style and aesthetic preferences. Remember, this gaming chair will be a throne and a set piece for your living room. It better make you feel all good and fuzzy!

Your budget – This is always a given. Getting a really expensive chair when you really couldn’t afford it in the first place, or a cheaper chair when you have money to spare for a better one could end up giving you regrets and what-ifs. So knowing your budget beforehand can definitely help and narrow down your choices to gaming chairs that fit your budget comfortably.

Your preferred games and why you play This might not matter that much at first glance, but yes, it does. For example, if you prefer racing games over anything else, then perhaps getting a racing gaming chair is the best choice. If you prefer relaxing games to unwind after a hard day’s work, then perhaps a gaming chair with extreme comfort in mind is the choice. If you play action-packed games and love the adrenaline rush, or are prone to gaming rage (let’s be honest, we all are) then a sturdy gaming chair might be the choice.

Knowing the answers to the list above will definitely help you get the best console gaming chair for you. And now that we finally got through all of that, it’s time for our recommendations!

The Top 5 Best Gaming Chairs For Consoles

Best Overall Console Gaming Chair – X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal

The creme de la creme of console gaming chairs, it’s very difficult to top this as perhaps the most serious of console gaming chairs out there today. It is covered in sleek and comfortable black leather. Its back support is adjustable and customizable. It has wireless speakers and a subwoofer. These are both parts of the Audio Force Modulation Technology made by Ace Bayou, for full audio goodness and vibration motors for action feedback and total immersion. If you’re not a fan of the built-in speakers, there is a plug for your own headset.

Aesthetically, it just looks gorgeous. There are possible cons, however.

First, it just comes in black, so if you prefer a more colorful gaming chair. Second, because it is a pedestal chair it is definitely comfortable for taller gamers with longer legs. Shorter gamers who prefer to stay lower to the floor might not be a good fit for this chair.

However, at an average price of $169.00, it is definitely well worth every penny and is definitely our top choice.

Product specs:

Dimensions: 23 inches x 23.5 inches x 28.5 inches
Weight: 54 lbs.
Color: Black

Best Affordable Rocker Gaming Chair – X Rocker 5172601 Surge

A floor rocker gaming chair, the X Rocker 5172601 Surge is a very good choice. Especially for people who prefer a simpler, minimalistic design but want a cutting-edge, stylish chair. It’s a lot more streamlined than its Pro Series counterparts. But what it lacks it makes up for in functionality and style. It features two speakers and a subwoofer with the Ace Bayou AFM technology and bluetooth connectivity. It also has a racing-inspired backrest design that provides great comfort for not only gaming marathons but also watching TV and listening to music. This makes the Surge a more versatile chair with multiple functions.

Design-wise, it features red piping that pops from the black fabric and gray center. Some cons, however, include not having armrests. And if you’re a tall person, sitting so close to the floor could be a bit uncomfortable.

Nevertheless, at an average price of $129.68, it’s definitely a deal.
Product specs:
Dimensions: 36.81 inches x 32.28 inches x 20.89 inches
Weight: 36 lbs.
Color: Black and gray with red piping

Best Foldable Gaming Chair For Kids – Proxelle Audio Game Chair

If you want to give your kids a starter gaming chair that is for them and them alone, then the Proxelle Audio Game Chair is a good choice. Its main feature is that it is foldable and easily movable, allowing your kids to put the chair away once it is time to do homework or chores. It can be placed alongside your own, bigger gaming chair for some bonding time gaming too! It’s a simple, no-frills gaming chair that can get the job done for kids or more petite people, and is a good choice for smaller rooms or apartments.

The major con for this, of course, is that it is a smaller gaming chair. It is definitely not the choice for adults. It also has fewer features than full-blown gaming chairs for adults, only having an audio jack and some speakers. However, it is a good starter chair for kids who are on their way to being gamers, and at $69.99 it makes for great affordable gifts for them!

Product Specs:

Dimensions: 7 inches x 7 inches x7 inches
Weight: 9 lbs.
Color: Gray and black with red trimming

Best Reclining Gaming Chair – Homall S-Racer Gaming Recliner Chair

If you’re looking for a simple gaming recliner that provides maximum comfort while fitting well with the other furniture and sofas in the room, then the Homall S-Racer Gaming Recliner Chair will work for you. The main feature of this chair is that it reclines from 90 degrees to 180 degrees. It is perfect for napping, mobile gaming, or just chilling. Equally important is the comfort level, with the chair made of high-quality PU leather which is very easy on the skin and is convenient to clean, with high-density foam underneath.

While it doesn’t have built-in speakers and jacks, it more than makes up for it with aesthetics and comfort. It is designed by a professional design team with e-sports in mind, so you’ll definitely feel like a pro sitting on it. Comfort is the name of the game with lumbar support and a headrest that both provide maximum ergonomics for your body while gaming all day.

For $138? It’s very much a steal. Perhaps one con is the size, for it is quite a chunky chair that needs a bit of space. Nevertheless, it is still one of the best gaming chairs for consoles for those who prefer recliners.

Product Specs:
Dimensions: 34 inches x 25.1 inches x 41.5 inches
Weight: 63 lbs.
Color: Black faux leather with red trim and embroidery

Best Audiophile Rocker Chair – Ace Bayou Wireless X Rocker II

If a powerful sound experience is what you’re looking for, then the Ace Bayou Wireless X Rocker II is your choice. Its main purpose is to give you the best sound experience you’ll get from a gaming chair. It can connect to Xbox, Playstation, and other consoles and devices. It is a multi-sensory experience chair that can be used for gaming, or enjoying a good movie or listening to music.

Two forward-facing speakers and one powerful subwoofer will deliver audio like no other, easily controlled by the side control panel that also has input/output jacks. Its ergonomic design has full back support and is also a foldable chair for easy storage or for smaller spaces. Its black vinyl covering is easy to clean and very comfortable, and the contrast of black chair and silver armrest and panel gives a very modern aesthetic that can fit any gaming room very easily.

Its potential cons include being a bit smaller for bigger guys, and of course, if your sound system setup is already a good one, then the audio function of the chair can be a bit redundant. Nevertheless, for the price of $128.75, it’s a good choice among the best gaming chairs for consoles, for both kids and adults.

Product specs:
Dimensions: 27.75 inches x 18.5 inches x 17.5 inches
Weight: 44 lbs
Color: Black with silver trim

Our Conclusion

So those are our top 5 picks for best gaming chairs for console gaming. We highly recommend the X Rocker 5172601 Surge if you have the budget and lifestyle for it, as it delivers the most features and is specifically designed for console gaming in mind. However, our other recommendations also work depending on your needs and funds. If you’re an avid gamer, a gaming chair is definitely a must!

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