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2009 CA Leadership Award for Innovation in Lean IT

The CA Leadership Award for Innovation in Lean IT recognizes visionary leaders who have leveraged technology innovation to achieve greater enterprise value. These leaders and their companies have embraced the principles of Lean IT by visualizing and automating critical IT systems and processes across the enterprise to deliver optimal business results. This award recognizes the achievements of these Lean IT innovators who have dramatically increased productivity, improved the customer experience and optimized business value for their organizations.

Ginny T. Lee

Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Information Technology, Intuit Inc.

“Leadership to me isn’t about being the smartest person in the room with all the content expertise, but rather your ability to assemble and develop a great team, create a vision, and inspire others to deliver and realize that vision. I have been truly blessed with a rich and varied set of experiences that I will always take with me to become an even better leader tomorrow” - Ginny Lee, 2009 Oral History

Ginny Lee is Intuit’s senior vice president and chief information officer. Appointed to the position in February 2008, she is responsible for further developing Intuit’s technology and business infrastructure to support the company’s growth strategy and provide customers with great experiences.

Working at Intuit since November 1996, Lee has held a variety of general manager and business operations leadership roles. Before being named CIO, she was vice president and general manager of Intuit’s Payroll business unit, where she was responsible for the company’s line of payroll products and services. Previously, she was vice president of Intuit’s order-to-cash organization and customer service, and vice president of corporate business operations and enterprise systems, overseeing Intuit’s companywide infrastructure. Lee has also served as business line leader for QuickBooks Internet Gateway Services and director of operations and product management for the Financial Supplies Group.
Before joining Intuit, she spent several years as a management consultant at CSC Index, focusing on strategic implementation and business process re-engineering. Lee was also a marketing manager at Pepsi-Cola International. 

Lee holds bachelor’s degrees in both business economics and organizational behavior and management from Brown University, and a master’s degree in business administration from Stanford University.