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The 2006 EMC Information Leadership Award

Established in 2001, the EMC Information Leadership Award recognizes individuals whose personal leadership has made a critical contribution to the effective use of information technology throughout the world.

"Understanding the vision yourself is one thing, but creating it and then articulating it in a way that the people in your team understand it—and then repeating it over and over again, so that it sticks, so that it becomes their mission, it becomes their vision as well as yours, and that they understand the whys behind it—is really critical. It's got to be consistent. You can't have a new vision every six months. It's got to be the same vision for a sustained period of time."

— Linda M. Dillman, Oral History

Linda M. Dillman
EVP, Risk Management & Benefits Administration, Wal-Mart Stores

Linda M. Dillman is Executive Vice President of Risk Management and Benefits Administration for the world's top retailer, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. She also leads the company's sustainability efforts, a role she assumed in the spring of 2006.

Previously, Linda was the Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Wal-Mart, and until 2003, she served as Senior Vice President and CIO. In those roles, Linda was instrumental in helping Wal-Mart to develop one of the most sophisticated information services networks in the world, and became a major force behind the current radio frequency identification (RFID) movement in supplychain management throughout the retail industry.

Linda joined Wal-Mart in 1991 where she has served in several key information services management positions, including Applications Development Manager for SAM'S CLUB and then Wal-Mart Store Systems before being promoted to Director of Applications Development in 1997. The following year, Linda was named Vice President of Applications Development, where she led the system conversion for Wal-Mart's acquisition of ASDA in the United Kingdom. Prior to serving as Senior Vice President and CIO, Linda served as Vice President of International Systems.

In addition to her role in the ASDA conversion, Linda's other notable accomplishments were the implementation of the perpetual inventory and store Telxon systems at Wal-Mart. Prior to Wal-Mart, Linda worked for the Hewlett-Packard Company for five years.

Linda serves on the board of the Network of Executive Women, the GS1 Global Board, the University of Indianapolis Advisory Board, and is on the board of the National Center for Women & Technology.

The EMC Information Leadership Award
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Michael Dell
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William D. Green
Chairman & CEO
John J. Garstka
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