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2009 Finalists

Merck & Co. Inc
for MVSP (Merck Vaccine Saving Plan) ANALYTICAL TOOL
Nominated by HCL
for Disease Manager Plus
Nominated by Sybase
for Sabre Air
Nominated by NIIT Technologies
for SAN deployment
Nominated by NetApp, Inc
for Infrastructure Sharing and Bringing Telecommunications to Poor and Rural Areas
Nominated by Morgan Stanley
for Virtual Campus for American Intercontinental University, Colorado Technical University and International Academy of Design & Technology
Nominated by EMC
for All School Improvement Plan (ASIP) Consolidation Project
Nominated by Information Builders
for Flight School TV series and website
Nominated by Booz Allen Hamilton
for Centralized Medical Research Database
Nominated by Sybase
for Providing deaf and blind children in remote areas access to quality education through video conferencing
Nominated by Polycom
Austin Energy
for Utility of The Future
Nominated by IBM
for eFLEET
Nominated by Sybase
for Visualization Collaboration and Virtual Reality Technology
Nominated by HP
for Retail Sustainability -- Green Store
Nominated by Accenture
for SmartGridCity
Nominated by Accenture
for Bancolombia Data Center Consolidation Initiative
Nominated by Unisys
Credit Suisse
for CS Equities Test Center
Nominated by Cognizant
First American
for First American Financial Transformation
Nominated by Deloitte
for ValueOne Project
Nominated by Morgan Stanley
for 403(b)connect
Nominated by Accenture
for Synchronized Predeployment and Operational Tracker (SPOT)
Nominated by Booz Allen Hamilton
for Anti-Drug Network (ADNET) Program Management Office (PMO)
Nominated by Booz Allen Hamilton
for Electronic Adjudication Management System
Nominated by Deloitte
for Election System
Nominated by Sybase
for National Judiciary Information System
Nominated by IBM
for Cherokee Health Systems Telehealth Program
Nominated by Polycom
for Clinical Data Mart (CDM)
Nominated by Informatica
for EuResist
Nominated by IBM
for ClinicStation (Electronic Medical Record System)
Nominated by Accenture
for Organ Donation Electronic Offering System (EOS)
Nominated by Sapient
Nominated by Seagate
Ingersoll Rand
for Business and Technology Transformation Initiative
Nominated by Deloitte
for RIVA (Robotic IV Automation)
Nominated by Sybase
Johnson Controls Inc
for Genesis Program : Enhancing Business Flexibility and Productivity with Process Harmonization
Nominated by Infosys
Textron Inc.
for Spend Information Management (SIM) Implementation
Nominated by Infosys
for Non-Profit Performing Arts Center Builds a Future-Proof Wireless Networking Infrastructure
Nominated by 3Com
for New Links to New Learning
Nominated by Polycom
for Library of Congress Experience
Nominated by Sapient
for National Repository Begins to Bring Hundreds of Years of the Written Word Online
Nominated by Hitachi
Nominated by Sapient
for MGH TeleStroke Program
Nominated by Polycom
National Center for Genome Resources
for Alpheus - Online Genome Sequencing and Analysis
Nominated by Sybase
for Metrics On Demand (MOD)
Nominated by Information Builders
for Sparrow Technology Transformation
Nominated by Cisco
for Fly-Away Emergency VSAT and Enterprise Management Systems
Nominated by HP
for Crew Management System
Nominated by IBM
for SmartBus
Nominated by Sybase
ITT Corporation
for ADS-B Program
Nominated by Sun Microsystems
for Wearable Inspection Grading Information Network System WIGINS
Nominated by Sybase
for TRANSCOM Regulating And Command Control Evacuation System TRAC2ES
Nominated by Information Builders

The 2009 Computerworld Honors Finalists

In April of 2009, distinguished judges on ten panels one panel for each of 10 industry categories completed their review of the case studies submitted by the Computerworld Honors Program's Laureates for the Class of 2009. Based on this review, they named these 50 Finalists as guests of honor at ceremonies at the Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium in Washington, DC, on June 1, 2009.


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