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2009 Leadership Award Recipients

James G. Argiropoulos
First Deputy Chief of Staff

Ginny T. Lee
SVPresident and CIO, Information Technology

Thomas F. Mendoza
Vice Chairman

Daniel J. Warmenhoven
Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer

Chicago Office of Emergency Management and Communications (OEMC)

IBM Global Public Sector Innovation Excellence Award

The IBM Global Public Sector Innovation Excellence Award honors exemplary organizations that take their place at the forefront of public sector innovation. They are making not just small improvements, but transformational, game-changing ones that will help change the world. They represent the value of collaboration, the significance of culture and are role models for all leaders. May they inspire us all to continue on and deepen our own innovation journeys.

Intuit Inc.

CA Leadership Award for Innovation in Lean IT

The CA Leadership Award for Innovation in Lean IT recognizes visionary leaders who have leveraged technology innovation to achieve greater enterprise value. These leaders and their companies have embraced the principles of Lean IT by visualizing and automating critical IT systems and processes across the enterprise to deliver optimal business results.  This award recognizes the achievements of these Lean IT innovators who have dramatically increased productivity, improved the customer experience and optimized business value for their organizations.

NetApp, Incorporated

Morgan Stanley Leadership Award for Global Commerce

Established in 1999, The Morgan Stanley Leadership Award for Global Commerce recognizes individuals whose personal Leadership has made a critical contribution to the effective use of information technology throughout the world.

About the Leadership Awards

Established in 1990, the Computerworld Honors Leadership Award Program seeks out and recognizes outstanding leaders of the information technology revolution. The Leadership Awards Program not only identifies and honors outstanding achievement, but also provides the funding and staff necessary to produce valuable research on the lives and work of each Leadership Award Nominee and video biographies of each Leadership Award Recipient.

All these materials, in turn, are made available for inclusion in The Computerworld Honors Program Archives On Line and in the permanent collections of the national archives, state and university libraries and leading research institutions, which are part of the Program's Global Archives.

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