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Case Study Guidelines for 2010 Nominees

If your organization has been nominated by one of the members of our Chairmen's Committee, you may become part of the Program’s 22nd Anniversary Laureates Medal Ceremony and Gala Awards Evening which will be held June 7, 2010 in Washington D.C.

First however, each nominee must submit a Case Study documenting the unique benefits and values of their project.  Those documents will be reviewed by the Program, and once approved, nominees will become part of the Laureates Class of 2010 and invited honorees for our June events.

The paragraphs below contain in-depth information about how to submit your Case Study to the program.  You may also want to explore the Resources links to the right on this page.

The Nominee Guide provides a comprehensive look at the Laureate process.  Other links allow you to explore Case Studies submitted by previous Program Finalists and 21st Century Achievement Award Recipients.

Case Study Overview
There are six areas of the Case Study that will be evaluated by an independent panel of Judges—Introductory Overview, Importance of Technology, Benefits, Originality, Difficulty and Success. Nominees have the option to include up to three digital/visual materials with their Case Study. In addition, the program asks several questions that will not be included in the Judging process. See below for more detail about the content needed for each of these sections.

Case Studies can only be accepted via the Online Case Study Form. A username and password is required to log in to the form. Please contact Kelly McGill at 508-820-8653 or for your organization's login information.


  • The Case Study should speak to readers who are not experts in the field.
  • Focus more on the effects of your work rather than on technical details.
  • Minimize initial descriptions of the user company and primary vendor to no more than a paragraph. Minimize self-serving vendor hype.
  • Describe why the nominee chose a primary vendor over other competing vendors.  This entails describing the pertinent products/services chosen and their competitive advantages.
  • User/customer quotes add a great deal of credibility to the case study.
  • The length of the submission can range from a few pages to approximately 15 pages.

The program strongly encourages nominees to view the online form first before starting the writing process. In addition, the program recognizes that nominees will often use an outside text editor to write the actual Case Study. If you are doing this, please be sure to paste only the text into the text boxes provided in the online form. Formatting such as underlining and bolding as well as special symbols like bullets will NOT be saved, as the current form is a text-only tool. In addition, only one person may be logged into each Online Case Study Form account at a time. If more than one person logs into the same account, the Program cannot guarantee that the information will be saved.

  1. Introductory Overview
    Please provide a general overview of your organization’s project, what the project is designed to do (goals) and how it changes and improves people’s lives (methods), situating the benefit within a specific business or institutional context. (In 600 words or less)

  2. The Importance of Technology
    How did the technology you used contribute to this project and why was it important? (In 600 words or less)

  3. Benefits
    Has your project helped those it was designed to help? (Yes/No)

    Has your project fundamentally changed how tasks are performed? (Yes/No)

    What new advantage or opportunity does your project provide to people? (In 600 words or less)

    If possible, include an example of how the project has benefited a specific individual, enterprise or organization. Please include personal quotes from individuals who have directly benefited from your work. (In 600 words or less)

  4. Originality
    Is it the first, the only, the best or the most effective application of its kind? (None of the Above/First/Only/Most Effective/All of the Above)

    What are the exceptional aspects of your project? (In 600 words or less)

  5. Difficulty
    What were the most important obstacles that had to be overcome in order for your work to be successful? Technical problems? Resources? Expertise? Organizational problems? (In 600 words or less)

    Often the most innovative projects encounter the greatest resistance when they are originally proposed. If you encountered an obstacle like fighting for approval or funding, please provide a summary of the objections you faced and how you overcame them. (In 300 words or less)

  6. Success
    Has your project achieved or exceeded its goals? (No/Achieved/Exceeded)

    Is it fully operational? (Yes/No)

    How do you see your project's success affecting other applications, organizations, or global communities? (In 300 words or less)

    How quickly has your targeted audience of users embraced your innovation? Or, how rapidly do you predict they will? (In 300 words or less)

  7. Demographics
    A series of simple questions will be asked in the online form about your organization. The contact and demographic information will remain confidential to the program and will not be provided to the Judges.

  8. Additional Questions
    A couple of questions will be asked about the future of technology and your organization's involvement with the Computerworld Honors Program. The answers provided will be published in the Program's annual soft-cover journal, The Laureate, but will not be provided to the Judges.

  9. Program Release Question
    Since 1988, materials submitted to the Computerworld Honors Program have become part of the Program's Global Archives and is available online at Your submission materials will become a valuable component of the Program's Global Archives and will be included in the permanent research collections of more than 350 distinguished national archives, museums and institutions of higher learning. Your materials may be provided to media outlets interested in reporting on Computerworld Honors. In addition, Computerworld may also nominate your project to other Best Practices Awards Programs as applicable.

    Alternatively, your organization has the choice to restrict public access to your submission materials, so the general public cannot view your Case Study and any additional materials provided to the Program. If you wish for your materials to be embargoed, the Program will publish the short Introductory Overview section only. Please note that the Program's 21st Century Achievement Award Judges will need to review all of the materials your organization provides, including the Case Study in its full state, in order for your organization to become a Finalist or 21st Century Achievement Award Recipient.

    On the online form, please indicate whether or not your materials may become a part of the Program's Global Archives.

Digital/Visual Materials
The Program welcomes nominees to submit digital and visual images with their Case Study. We are currently only accepting .gif, .jpg and .xls files that are 1MB or smaller. The submission of these materials is not required; however, please note that a maximum of three files will be accepted per nominee. These files can be uploaded via a tool in the Online Case Study Form and will be submitted with the Case Study to the Judges.

Video Materials
Please send videos that represent your project or organization in Mini DV, DVD, or BETA SP format. Select images from your materials may be shown at the Gala Awards Evening on June 7, 2010. Please note, materials are requested but not required. In addition, materials will not be used in the judging process and are for program use only. Send these to Ann Spurling, Executive Producer, Computerworld Honors Program, c/o Electronic Field Productions, 3495 Winton Place, Building D, Rochester NY 14623.

Case Studies, Digital/Visual Materials and Videos are due by February 5, 2010.
Case Study Deadline now extended to March 5, 2010

If you have any questions about the Case Study process, please contact Kelly McGill at 508-820-8653 or


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